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Dare to enjoy Barcelona like never before. The Reding Barcelona Hotel offers the main activities to do during your stay in Barcelona. Do not miss any dates, events and parties that are organized every month in Barcelona. Consult here all the cultural, sporting and leisure plans in Barcelona.

25 Jan
Music Museum - Reding Hotel

Music Museum

Author: Hotel Reding

Phonos 40 years of electronic music in Barcelona In 1974 J.M. Teachers Quadreny Andres Lewin-Richter and Luis Callejo create Phonos laboratory in Barcelona, which soon became a pioneering in Spain in the field of experimentation, composition and dissemination of electroacoustic music. To celebrate 40 years of its inception, this exhibition offers a journey through the history of electronic music in Barcelona through instruments invented or used in Phonos. Synthesizers, tape recorders, samplers and other electronic instruments former and current can be seen and heard in this exhibition. Currently Phonos continues to work linked to the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. In these 40 years of uninterrupted work, Phonos wrote part of the history of electronic music in Barcelona.

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21 Jan
Design Museum - Reding Hotel

Design Museum


Open Day at the Design Museum FREE After years of work, the Design Museum finally teach her charms from December 14. To celebrate, you can see your collection consisting of more than 70,000 objects, free until January 31. Visit the area and you will learn why an everyday object should end up in a museum showcase, as it has evolved the design concept and why Barcelona is one of the leading cities in this area.

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05 Jan
FOOT-BALL - Reding Hotel


Author: hotel reding

From 15/01/22 to 02/15/01 in the TNC, Cesc Gelabert presents a fusion of two languages of our culture: football and dance. In this way establishing a dialogue between the expressive power and poetic nature of these scenic manifestations. "Foot-Ball" is the chance to see a team of dancers choreographed descodigicar playing some of the best plays of FCBarcelona, recreated under the gaze documentary filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta.

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14 Dec
Objective ►BCN. We Portray the City - Reding Hotel

Objective ►BCN. We Portray the City

Author: Hotel Reding

Objective ►BCN. We Portray the City is a documentary photography project carried out at 12 civic centres through a programme of theoretical classes, practical sessions and photo outings. Between February and June 2014, some two hundred Barcelona residents took part in the project, covering the city’s 10 districts on foot to portray a particular subject or capture a specific aspect of the city. The end result of the project is a collective visual portrait of Barcelona comprising over 100 images that are now on display at La Virreina Image Centre. This exhibition is complemented by the presentation of different shows at the twelve civic centres that took part in the project and photographic displays at Metro de Barcelona underground stations around the city.

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13 Oct
Las Ramblas of Barcelona - Reding Hotel

Las Ramblas of Barcelona

Author: Hotel Reding

Barcelona wouldn’t be Barcelona without the Rambla. A wander up and down this famous boulevard is a ritual well worth observing. Just soak up the atmosphere and admire the buildings, from the Canaletes fountain to the Columbus Monument, which connect the old and modern city with places like Liceu and Boqueria. A walk through the life and history of the city.

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