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Dare to enjoy Barcelona like never before. The Reding Barcelona Hotel offers the main activities to do during your stay in Barcelona. Do not miss any dates, events and parties that are organized every month in Barcelona. Consult here all the cultural, sporting and leisure plans in Barcelona.

10 Nov
Visit the labyrinth park - Reding Croma Hotel

Visit the labyrinth park

Author: Judith

"Fàbrica del Sol" organizes the guided tour for groups. The tour, about two hours, allows you to discover the flora, the plant labyrinth, the water, the mythology or the most hidden corners of this unique garden in the city. The park of the Laberint, in Horta, has the merit of including the oldest garden that is conserved in the city and being an exponent of neoclassical garden of the XVIII century. Delve into its labyrinth and let yourself be seduced ...

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02 Nov
Black Friday: Barcelona se prepara para las rebajas de Navidad - Reding Croma Hotel

Black Friday: Barcelona se prepara para las rebajas de Navidad

Author: None

A finales del mes de noviembre, este año el día 24, se produce uno de los eventos comerciales que más ha crecido exponencialmente a nivel mundial, especialmente en los últimos años, cruzando fronteras y adaptándose a las nuevas tecnologías. Nos referimos al Black Friday, de origen estadounidense. Sólo en el caso de Barcelona más de 2.000 comercios se han sumado a esta oleada de descuentos que se mueven por todos los sectores: hostelería, textil, literario, musical, eventos, electrónica… Ofertas ...

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24 Oct
Visit the Botanical Garden! - Reding Croma Hotel

Visit the Botanical Garden!

Author: Carla

Located in the heart of Monjuic mountain, the Botanical Garden allown walking on for four continents in a unique landscape, with excellent views over the city, Collserola mountain and the metropolitan area of Barcelona. In the fourteen hectares on the Botanical Garden you can see a representation of the flora of the world that share the Mediterranean climate. With a lot of spices which show the great similarity of the Californian, Chilean, South African and Australian landscapes with the Mediterranean ...

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02 Oct
Arne Maus: “Barcelona es una ciudad con aspectos muy positivos para mi trabajo, por lo que espero se - Reding Croma Hotel

Arne Maus: “Barcelona es una ciudad con aspectos muy positivos para mi trabajo, por lo que espero se

Author: Reding Croma

Arne Maus: “Barcelona es una ciudad con aspectos muy positivos para mi trabajo, por lo que espero seguir viniendo muchos años”

El turismo de reuniones sigue imparable en Barcelona y acentúa la necesidad de un sector servicios de calidad Sin duda alguna, la realización de las últimas ediciones Mobile World Congress en la ciudad de Barcelona ha marcado esta localización con una chincheta roja dentro del escenario mundial del turismo de convenciones, ferias y cursos. Pero esto no habría sido ...

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21 Sep
Colores de Otoño - Reding Croma Hotel

Colores de Otoño

Author: Hotel Reding Croma

La ciudad de Barcelona es uno de los lugares más visitados del mundo, y normalmente se sitúa entre las cinco ciudades con más demanda de turismo global. Pero la mayoría de futuros visitantes tienen una pregunta que hacen cuando quieren realizar su reserva en Hotel Reding Croma: ¿Cuándo es la mejor época para visitarla? Vamos a abordar a esta pregunta desde diferentes perspectivas.

Durante todo el año, la ciudad condal ofrece un estilo de vida en el que hay que ...

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06 Jul
GastroBlack pone a fuego los colores de la gastronomía en Barcelona - Reding Croma Hotel

GastroBlack pone a fuego los colores de la gastronomía en Barcelona

Author: Hotel Reding Croma

El boom gastronómico que se vive actualmente en Barcelona abarca a más de 8.000 restaurantes que compiten cada día por llevarse al cliente a su mesa. Esta situación hace que el esfuerzo por servir una carta interesante al consumidor ayude a crear grandes restaurantes, como son el caso de los condecorados con la preciada Estrella Michelin en la ciudad condal. Pero La rivalidad también hace que muchas veces surjan locales que parecen copias idénticas de sus compañeros de sector ...

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27 Jun
Open-air film at the Sala Montjuïc - Reding Croma Hotel

Open-air film at the Sala Montjuïc

Author: Hotel Reding

Open-air film sessions return to the Sala Montjuïc from 30 June to 4 August. Once again this year, the Santa Eulàlia moat at Montjuïc Castle is the scene for the Sala Montjuïc, an open-air cinema offering the public the chance to enjoy a picnic on the grass and concerts before film screenings. This year’s selection of films includes La Propera pell, La La Land, Spotlight, El Apartamento, Captain Fantastic and Omar. On 28 July there will be a special ...

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25 May
Entrevista a Stefan Janer, Director Hotel Reding Croma - Reding Croma Hotel

Entrevista a Stefan Janer, Director Hotel Reding Croma

Author: Hotel Reding

Stefan Janer: “Nos basamos en la simbología del color para que los clientes disfruten de la experiencia en cada detalle” El Hotel Reding Croma programa una nueva etapa con un repertorio de vivencias cromáticas para que sus huéspedes vivan una estancia ‘Dreaming in color’.

19 de mayo, Barcelona

Barcelona está viviendo un crecimiento turístico imparable durante los últimos años convirtiéndose en la ciudad que más turistas recibe de España y en una de los top-ten recomendadas entre la mayoría de ...

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20 Mar
Flamenco Show at Palacio del Flamenco - Reding Croma Hotel

Flamenco Show at Palacio del Flamenco

Author: Hotel Reding

The palace of the Flamenco is a room located in an old theater in the center of Barcelona which was restored and opened as a space dedicated to Flamenco 2006. It can accommodate 380 people comfortably for dinner and enjoy the show. The cuisine offered by the Beltxenea Catering group, is high quality and service has qualified with extensive knowledge of waiters languages: English, French, Italian and Russian. The palace of the Flamenco offers three daily programs with singers, dancers ...

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15 Nov
Boqueria market - Reding Croma Hotel

Boqueria market

Author: Hotel Reding

La Rambla to history is the history of the Boqueria market. The evolution of past peddlers to a modern and full of charm, color and present life. The market is the metaphor for life in Barcelona, a human river that makes the pleasures of those who like to contemplate. The Boqueria market is the first of the municipal markets of Barcelona, and was inaugurated in 1840, on March 19, the day of San José. After four years of work it ...

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01 Nov
La Pedrera - Reding Croma Hotel

La Pedrera

Author: Hotel Reding

La Pedrera starts a new and spectacular night tour, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Experience an amazing show, one of the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona. With this itinerary you can live an unforgettable journey through the different areas in which the highlight will be a videomapping on the roof of La Pedrera, where the unique architecture of this space is used to make a unique visual spectacle, which allows a trip to the origin of life, the essence ...

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20 Sep
Visit Barcelona's Collserola Park! - Reding Croma Hotel

Visit Barcelona's Collserola Park!

Author: Reding

Scenic Walking Barcelona offers you a complete itinerary through Barcelona's Collserola Park which combines magnificent panoramic views of the city and the verdant valleys in the park's interior where for millennia, in the unwooded areas, people have devoted themselves to farming and religious activities. A walk through the mountains that will allow you to leave behind the city's crowds and enjoy Barcelona high quality of life. ADVANTAGES: If you're looking for adventure, or prefer to enjoy ...

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13 Jul
Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau - Reding Croma Hotel

Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau

Author: Hotel Reding

In early March 2014, Barcelona opens the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau, the old Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, converting its installations in the the Europe's largest Art Nouveau Site. With the construction in 2003 and opening in 2009 of the new installations of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, more suited to the current healthcare model, the old Art Nouveau complex is vacated and restored through EU funding (in March 2014 ...

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19 May
Barcelona Illusion Museum  - Reding Croma Hotel

Barcelona Illusion Museum

Author: Reding

If you like optical illusions and visual games you should know that the first Museum of the illusions in Europe has just opened its doors in Barcelona! This museum is conceived as a place where everyone, including the little ones, can be protagonists of fantastic scenes and imaginary adventures without even moving away from the place! Each room of the museum is designed to immerse you in various scenes and landscapes. You can imagine yourself under water with a turtle ...

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11 May
Montserrat - Reding Croma Hotel


Author: Reding

Montserrat is a rocky massif traditionally considered the most important and significant mountain in Catalonia (Spain). It is located 50 km northwest of Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Lower Llobregat and Bages. In this mountain sanctuary and Benedictine monastery Montserratdedicado the Virgin of Montserrat is located. It is a singular massif that rises abruptly west of the Llobregat River to the 1236 meters high peak of St. Jerome. Other prominent peaks are the Cavall Bernat, the Agulles, the Serrat ...

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04 May
Gothic Quarter of Barcelona - Reding Croma Hotel

Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Author: Hotel Reding

Located in the district of Ciutat Vella, in the heart of the city, the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) is the oldest and one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona core. The friendly neighborhood is bounded porlas Ramblas, Via Laietana, Passeig de Colón and Plaza Catalunya. Born on the ruins of Roman Barcino, Barcelona's medieval led to the construction of churches and gothic palaces that caused the disappearance of most of the Romanesque remains. The narrow, winding medieval streets ...

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26 Apr
Archaeological Museum of Catalonia - Reding Croma Hotel

Archaeological Museum of Catalonia

Author: Reding

If you are visiting Barcelona, come to the Parc de Montjuïc, called the Magic Mountain of Barcelona and cosidered one of the best green places in the city. You will find the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia, a place of memory that invites you to discover our earliest history and enjoy the best archaeological pieces found in Catalonia and its environment. All in a relaxing space where we respected the architecture of one of the ancient palaces of the International Exhibition ...

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31 Mar
Teleferico Montjuic - Puerto - Reding Croma Hotel

Teleferico Montjuic - Puerto

Author: Hotel Reding

Montjuic Inaugurado en 1970 para cubrir las necesidades de transporte hasta la zona alta de la Montaña de Montjuïc, el Teleférico de Montjuïc se eleva sobre 100 metros de desnivel para llegar hasta el Castillo de Montjuïc. A pesar de que durante el trayecto se obtienen muy buenas vistas, en la parte superior son igual de buenas y hay otras formas más económicas de subir. Puerto Construido con motivo de la Exposición Universal de 1929, el teleférico atraviesa el Puerto ...

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03 Mar
Carmel Lookout in Barcelona - Reding Croma Hotel

Carmel Lookout in Barcelona

Author: Reding

From this viewpoint, which is situated in the area of Carmel - Guinardó, you can scan all of Barcelona, the city in 360º. From up there you can see buildings like the Sagrada Familia, the Agbar Tower or Mafre towers, mountains of Montjuic and Tibidabo, the geometric distribution of the Eixample district of Barcelona or the port and the sea, which extends throughout the view from one side of the viewpoint. As we have said, it is a viewpoint of 360º ...

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13 Oct
Las Ramblas of Barcelona - Reding Croma Hotel

Las Ramblas of Barcelona

Author: Hotel Reding

Barcelona wouldn’t be Barcelona without the Rambla. A wander up and down this famous boulevard is a ritual well worth observing. Just soak up the atmosphere and admire the buildings, from the Canaletes fountain to the Columbus Monument, which connect the old and modern city with places like Liceu and Boqueria. A walk through the life and history of the city.

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