Art Reding Croma Hotel

Museum hotel in Barcelona

Imagine resting in a Museum Hotel in Barcelona. The Reding Barcelona Hotel displays on the walls of the building real pieces of art. They are mural paintings inspired by the great works of modernists and contemporary artists, and provides an inside look to the history of art in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Skyline

The breakfast room greets you good morning with this 14 metre long painting, inspired by the skyline of Barcelona.

Barcelona Skyline Barcelona’s Skyline Reding Croma Hotel

Art in Reding Croma Hotel

 Sagrada Familia  Reding Croma Hotel
Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s work is the symbol of modernist Barcelona, and serves as inspiration for the mural paintings on the fifth ...

 Miro  Reding Croma Hotel

A mural painting replica of the sculpture of Miro’s Woman and Bird welcomes our guests on the fourth floor.

 La Pedrera  Reding Croma Hotel
La Pedrera

One of the most famous examples of Modernism in Barcelona crowns the third floor of the Reding Barcelona Hotel.

 Las Ramblas  Reding Croma Hotel
Las Ramblas

The first floor of the hotel offers on its walls, a tour from Las Ramblas to the Port.

 Picasso  Reding Croma Hotel

Picasso’s “Peace Dove” is the main character of the motif that decorates the second floor of the hotel.