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Reding Croma Hotel’s Montserrat in Barcelona

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Reding Croma Hotel’s Montserrat

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Montserrat is a rocky massif traditionally considered the most important and significant mountain in Catalonia (Spain). It is located 50 km northwest of Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Lower Llobregat and Bages. In this mountain sanctuary and Benedictine monastery Montserratdedicado the Virgin of Montserrat is located.

It is a singular massif that rises abruptly west of the Llobregat River to the 1236 meters high peak of St. Jerome. Other prominent peaks are the Cavall Bernat, the Agulles, the Serrat del Moro, the Montgròs, Sant Joan and Palomera. In 1987 it was declared a natural park to ensure their conservation.
The whimsical shapes of the most emblematic mountain in Catalonia, are the result of a geological and geomorphological process of millions of years.
When the tertiary sea occupied what is now the "Plana de Lleida", and the Balearic Islands were a great bulk of the size of today Pyrenees, a delta formed by pebbles or other detrital material carried by a large torrential river occupied these lands . Matrix material thickness and layers of sandstone and marl were cimentándose with the gradual drying of this delta. But the starting point of the current relief was not established until the violent action of Alpine laorogenia great episode, which raised block and fractured The Montserrat conglomerate (known as pudinga) completely changing the landscape

Since according to legend the image of the Virgin in Santa Cova found, Montserrat has been associated with spirituality. Besides the mountain monastery has a remarkable number of small churches and Emims, some abandoned, like Santa Cecilia, Sant Benet, Sant Joan or Sant Jeroni.

Among the various buildings of the Benedictine monastery, the chapter house, the neo-Romanesque cloister and refectory, are its by architectural style, renovated in 1925 by Josep Puig i Cadafalch.
The present community of Montserrat is formed by about eighty monks who follow the Rule of St. Benedict (sixth century). The main objective of the community and continue to make the mountain a meeting and prayer.

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